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Share This Article. This latter capability and its spacious cabin made the C far and away the best paratroop delivery aircraft of the war. As an aerial ambulance, the C could carry 18 stretcher cases and a medical crew of three. Cs dropped U.

WWII Pilot Flies His C-47 One Last Time

Of these operations, the most spectacular and significant took place on the eve of D-Day June 6, , when more than 1, Cs were involved in dropping U. Cs also were used to insert British and U. More mundane , but probably of greater importance, was the use of Cs to haul urgently needed personnel and supplies, including fuel and munitions, in all theatres of the war, giving Allied commanders a logistical flexibility that their Axis opponents could not match.

In his memoirs, General Dwight Eisenhower cited the C as one of the most important instruments of victory over Nazi Germany. Until the debut of the four-engined Douglas C, which did not enter service until , the C was the most capable transport aircraft of World War II. Beyond doubt it was the most versatile operationally and the most important strategically.

List of Douglas C-47 Skytrain operators

The C was a forgiving aircraft, easy to fly and easily maintained under primitive field conditions. Many aircrew and passengers owed their survival in crash landings to its rugged construction, and its resistance to battle damage was legendary. The C was delivered in large numbers to U.

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It was built under license in the Soviet Union , where it was designated the Lisunov Li-2 and remained the backbone of internal air transport well into the s. The C was a pillar of U. Cs were used in the Vietnam War as electronic warfare collection aircraft and as AC gunships.